Benefits of The Boutique Club Membership

Holiday ownership means enjoying a guaranteed standard of quality, and knowing that personal expectations will be satisfied year after year. The certainty of superb facilities and comfortable accommodation always being available.

You can share the company of fellow owners who also have the desire for a quality holiday, backed up by the security of ownership.

Enjoy knowing that a large part of your future holidays has already paid for and at today’s prices. You can also become part of DAE, one of the worlds holiday Exchange company. Enjoy all the benefits and flexibility of their exchange and travel services. Above all, holiday ownership means great holidays every year for life.

 The Concept

Holiday ownership is a very simple concept, which lets you buy a week/s holiday home for a fixed number of years. Effectively you own a share of the development and therefore you only pay for the upkeep of what you actually own.

And because the overall cost of the development is split across all of the owners, a higher quality of amenities and furnishing becomes affordable. Your costs are the once only payment for the week/s which you purchase and an annual maintenance fee which covers your share of the upkeep of your particular accommodation plus any common areas such as the swimming pool.

This charge will usually be paid to a management company who will be responsible for the day to day running and maintenance of the development. Holiday ownership complexes are builtby developers.

While the development is still being sold the rights of owners will usually be protected by a recognised legal structure.


Timeshare ownership offers a world of choice, with a style of accommodation to suit everyone. From delightful beach locations in sunny climates to peaceful countryside settings all over the world.

As well as a range of locations you’ll also find various sizes of accommodation to suit your needs – from comfortable studios and hotels rooms through to more spacious apartments and villas with several bedrooms to accommodate larger families – and all with the timeshare hallmark of quality furnishings and facilities.

And finally you can choose to own your vacations during the time of year which suits you best – high season if you wish to travel during the school holidays, mid season if you can be a little more flexible and low season if getting away from it all for a bit more peace and quiet is what you want.



For a lifetime of memorable holidays, whether it is a day, aweek or more.


As a gift with family, extended family, friends or business associates.



Through an International program which allows Owners access to holiday resorts around the World.


Owning your holidays guarantees that you’ll enjoy the same high standards of quality year after year. The typical holiday ownership development has a comprehensive array of high class facilities, including restaurants, sports and leisure facilities.



FeaturesTBC Membership
7 Nights & 8 Days
Aamod Resorts
Split - Minimum 2 N
Occupancy (Without Extra Bed)
2 Adults + 2 Children
Tie-up Properties
Dae Live Membership
Payment Options for Plans
Gold Advantage For 1 Year
FP, 6 EMI, 12 EMI

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